Max Maths Adaptive Practice


“Max Maths Adaptive Practice enables students to learn from their mistakes and inspires that ‘aha’ effect”

How can you learn to take a square root if you don’t know what ‘to square’ means? How can you learn to calculate interest without a grasp of percentages?

Students who miss a lesson can quickly fall behind. Max Maths Adaptive Practice detects these gaps in knowledge from the patterns of mistakes made and gives students a series of fine-tuned exercises to practice the missing skill. Teachers can also analyse consistent errors at the click of a button.

For nearly a decade, schools across the world have benefited from this unique and powerful digital learning platform, that will help improve your students’ ability, and results in mathematics. Built on the award-winning technology created by Bettermarks GmbH, Max Maths Adaptive Practice is an online system that enables individual students to learn from their mistakes. Developed by teachers, mathematicians, academic educationalists and software specialists, it is an adaptive learning programme for upper-primary and secondary schools that are following the Cambridge International Examination or International Baccalaureate framework. The platform personalises the learning of each student by recognising knowledge gaps and repeated errors, and provides feedback and support to help correct mistakes. Sign up for your three week trial using the form at the bottom of this page.  

How it works

  • As learning from mistakes is crucial, it tracks everything that students are doing
  • It cleverly analyses choices and provides practice that suits each individual learner
  • It guides learners through exercises that gradually become more difficult and it can tell if a student has misread the question or has not fully grasped the concept.

How to use it

  • Easy to use and flexible, it works as both a blended learning tool and a stand-alone resource
  • Suited for PCs, laptops, interactive whiteboards or mobile devices, making it a peaceful and fully effective learning tool for use in the classroom and on-the-go
  • As a walk through for a topic introduction or to assign learning from home

At a glance

  • Teach – Introduce the topic in the lesson as you usually would
  • Assign – give exercises to your students
  • Work – the students work through the exercises on the computer
  • Evaluate – evaluate the results with the click of a button
  • Follow up – repeat material or move on to the next topic
  • The entire programme contains over 40 interactive mathematics books with 100,000 questions and explanations for the leading international curriculum

About the series

  • Micro Adaptivity Max Maths Adaptive Practice offers interaction tools that enable every possible mistake to be made. It recognises student input and gives feedback. Additional explanations for every exercise step ensure students fully grasp the concept
  • Macro Adaptivity Max Maths Adaptive Practice detects the kind of knowledge gaps from the patterns of mistakes made, and gives students a series of exercises that teach the missing skill.
  • Smart Interaction Tools  It’s not only the variety of exercises, but the variety of interaction tools that inspire that ‘aha effect’, enabling students to grasp concepts. Other platforms may only use text input or multiple choice questions, whereas Max Maths Adaptive Practice uses over 100 interaction tools such as formula input, drag and drop, sorting, colouring shapes, constructing charts and tree diagrams, plotting functions, drawing points, lines, angles, circles and more.

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Max Maths Adaptive Practice

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