World Class Maths: Asian Maths Pedagogy

At Macmillan Education, our vision is to deliver innovative solutions that will drive student performance and help educators and institutions to achieve excellent results. Providing training that is relevant and accessible to all is one key way we can support those schools that are using our materials.

We have created, in partnership with the University of Southampton, two free online courses to support teachers who are interested in finding out more about why Asian Maths is so successful and how to implement this methodology within the classroom.

Our MOOC called – World Class Maths: Asian Teaching Methods features:

  • An introduction to the highly effective method of teaching maths
  • Understand teaching principles from Singapore and Shanghai and learn to apply them in your own practice
  • Evaluate the performance of maths education in your own country
  • Learn why teacher professional development is so important in Asian countries

Our MOOC called – World Class Maths: Asian Teaching Practice features:

  • An introduction to Asian maths teaching methods for primary education
  • Examine key features of Asian maths teaching
  • Develop lessons plans based on Asian maths teaching methods
  • Design mathematical tasks to develop your maths teaching

Both courses are led by Dr Christian Bokhove who is a world-leading expert in mathematics education, with a particular focus on curriculum, classroom instruction, assessment, teacher professional development and comparison of East and West.

Both MOOCs include:

  • Course content developed and led by a world-leading expert in maths education
  • Coverage of both theory and classroom application
  • Options to follow a set timetable or to learn at a flexible pace
  • A forum for exchanging ideas and asking questions
  • Optional certificate of completion (fee applicable)