International Curriculum

At Macmillan Education we recognise that teachers are not only looking for classroom resources, but also support with digital, teacher training, language, links between school and home and assessment. In addition to resources that develop the key life skills.  Our promise to you is to provide courses that cater to all of these whilst being written by subject experts, a great many of whom have been teachers so understand the challenges and opportunities faced each day in the classroom. They have taken the world leading and proven teaching methods for each subject, built upon research and evidence, to create resources that will help you to deliver lessons that inspire curiosity and engagement, and ultimately put your pupils on a path towards being the best they can be.

We are dedicated to ensuring language is not a barrier to students. Support is embedded across all resources, particularly focusing on subject vocabulary skills and includes guidance for teaching pupils whose first language may not be English. Partnerships with leading online development companies such as NILE Online underpin our offering.

It has never been more important for our young people to develop life skills that go beyond learning a curriculum. You can be confident that all our resources will help develop the key skills of collaboration, cooperation, the ability to work and think independently, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Our Macmillan Education International Curriculum team has been, and continues to travel the world visiting schools, watching and learning from both teachers and students to understand your needs. We thank you for your feedback which is so valuable and has enabled the development of our three newest schemes which I am delighted to invite you to review: Max Maths primary: A Singapore Approach and Max Science primary: Discovering Through Enquiry and Talk about Texts: a unique literacy scheme supporting vocabulary and oral language skills.

One area of feedback highlighted that many parents and carers would like to be involved in the education of their children. To support this we have introduced our superb Journals to help develop the partnership between school and home.

I hope that I get the opportunity to meet you and if you would like to contact anyone in the Macmillan Education International team, please drop us an email.


With best wishes,

Mel Everett – Sales Director: English Medium and International Schools