Max Science Primary: Discovering Through Enquiry

Our science resources are based on world-leading methodologies and current research which helps pupils develop key skills along with deep subject knowledge.  Our resources help develop enjoyment in learning science. Find out more about unlocking the power of learning science in English below.

Max Science primary: Discovering through Enquiry is a highly engaging and effective print and digital scheme based on the most successful teaching methodologies used in world science today.

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Over 6 stages (Years 1-6), Max Science primary: Discovering through Enquiry introduces students to the key concepts and topics of primary Biology, Chemistry and Physics with carefully scaffolded resources that build knowledge and confidence throughout the course. All the content has been written by a highly experienced and knowledgeable author team who share a philosophy of learning grounded in science education research and best practice. As well as following the most effective approaches for mastering scientific skills, our titles focus on the challenges posed by scientific language and are carefully designed to promote fluency of scientific language and terminology.

At a glance

  • Student Books (print and digital formats available)
  • Workbooks
  • Journals
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Teacher’s Presentation Kit

About the series

  • Four strands to support the Cambridge international primary curriculum: Biology, Chemistry and Physics and ‘Scientific Enquiry’
  • Support for teachers who are focusing on the development of enquiry-based learning skills with their students
  • Embedded language support for learners and teachers whose first language may not be English
  • Over 100 free, downloadable online resources for each stage which includes Worksheets, Teacher’s Notes (with language support) and Answer Keys
  • Step-by-step guidance or teachers on how to approach and scaffold lessons appropriately to encourage students to work both independently and collaboratively on key tasks

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Watch our series of mini home experiments adapted from the Max Science series!

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