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Teacher Presentation Kit

We are delighted to make available our Teacher Presentation Kit (TPK) from our primary science resources – called Max Science primary; Discovering through Enquiry. You can use the resources in this presentation kit to help any learner irrespective of the curriculum you may be using as the resources support learning across all key maths topics for Year 1 to Year 6.

Please note – we are sorry that we cannot make these available if you are based in Canada and America.


The TPK includes:

  • Free access to complete student books taking you through each topic
  • Supporting workbooks which allow practice and revision of each topic
  • Home journals – especially useful for parents to work through with their children
  • The Teacher’s Resource Centre which has downloadable skills sheets with focus on problem –solving skills and supplement topics.
  • Teacher notes – which accompany each skills sheet (and are great if you are parent!)
  • What Have I Learnt – questions which assess specific scientific enquiry-base skills
  • If you are a teacher the ability to set work using the built in learning environment to send work to your students.


If you would like to use this with no-charge for three months then please complete the form below and we will be in touch with a code for you to redeem to access the resources.

Max Science TPK Access