World Class Maths: Asian Maths Pedagogy

At Macmillan Education, our vision is to deliver innovative solutions that will drive student performance and help educators and institutions to achieve excellent results. Providing training that is relevant and accessible to all is one key way we can support those schools that are using our materials.

Our MOOC, entitled World Class Maths: Asian Maths Pedagogy is designed to present mathematics pedagogies and best practices implemented in the highest performing countries and education systems. The programme is designed for teachers who may be implementing Asian Maths pedagogy and methods at their school, school administrators and individuals such as parents, who are generally interested in knowing more about Asian maths approaches.

The course is led by Dr Christian Bokhove who is a world leading expert in mathematics education, with a particular focus on curriculum, classroom instruction, assessment, teacher professional development and comparison of East and West.

The World Class Maths: Asian Maths Pedagogy MOOC features:

  • Free and open registration to teachers, administrators and parents who are interested in Asian maths approaches
  • Course content developed and led by a world-leading expert in maths education
  • Coverage of both theory and classroom application
  • Options to follow a set timetable or to learn at a flexible pace
  • A forum for exchanging ideas and asking questions

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Teaching Through English: Primary Maths and Science

As part of our growing commitment to teacher professional development, we’ve partnered with NILE, a leader provider of professional development for teachers, trainers and education professionals around the world. The online teacher development provided by NILE Online was inspected by AQUEDUTO in November 2017 and the overall finding is of a high quality offer, with NILE Online meeting the AQUEDUTO quality standards.

The Teaching through English: Primary Maths and Science teacher development programme has been developed in conjunction with NILE, with a specific focus on supporting International or English-medium schools where teachers and learners may not have English as a first language.


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The course content addresses the language of maths and science and aims to help teachers develop confidence in explaining ideas and concepts in English to achieve the best learning outcomes for students.

The course content is delivered online although there are options for part face-to-face or fully face to face. The Teaching through English: Primary Maths and Science programme features:

  • An online course that is comprised of 8 modules, taught over 8 weeks, on NILE’s innovate professional development platform
  • Fully-tutored by highly qualified specialists trained to deliver excellent and supportive online teacher education
  • Content which is written and developed specifically for teachers whose first language may not be English or who are teaching students whose first language is not English
  • Highly effective tools such as a collaborative sharing tool, a multi-media discussion space to share opinions and ideas and interactive video presentations – these tools ensure a rich and effective online learning experience.  You can hear more about these bespoke tools here.
  • Individual and group feedback from the Tutor ensures that the experiences of the group are shared and learning is enhanced which is particularly relevant as participants are from across the world.

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