What better way to enrich your professional development skills than with an online webinar? All webinars are tailored to offer you the skills to enhance the classroom experience for yourself and your students. Find out more below!


Introduction to Synthetic Phonics. Catch up here!

Mastering Decimals and Percentages using the Singapore Maths Approach. Catch up here!

Top educational tips to keep children engaged at home. Catch up here


Thursday 2 April

Top educational tips to keep children engaged at home. Catch up here

Thursday 9 April

Top tips for teaching primary Maths, English and Science at home . Catch up here

Tuesday 14 April

Synthetic Phonics: Practical Teaching Tips. Catch up here

Thursday 21 April

Synthetic Phonics: Practical Teaching Tips. Catch up here

Thursday 23rd April

Practical Primary Science Experiments at Home. Missed this webinar? Catch up here

Tuesday 28 April

Introduction to the Bar Modelling Method. Catch up here


Tuesday 12 May

Planning enquiry-based lessons. Catch up here

Tuesday 19 May

Turning Reading into Creative Writing. Catch up here!

Tuesday 26 May

Enhancing Spelling and Grammar skills for Primary students. Catch up here


Tuesday 9 June

Bringing stories to Life for Primary Students. Register here

Tuesday 16 June 

Practical Primary Maths Activities at Home. Register here

Monday 22 June

How to teach Synthetic Phonics using Snappy Sounds. Register here

Tuesday 23 June

Developing Enquiry Based Cross-Curricular skills for Primary Students Register here